While the little whitebois are being trained and educated, a much larger group of Black Boyz will be selected to participate in the program where they will receive quite a different type of training.   


    Our only talents will lie in making ourselves as sexy and slutty looking as possible for our bulls and to provide ourselves as vessels for any and every form of humiliation, degradation and service. To be made as dumb, stupid and shallow for the long-term so that this culture will be permeated amongst us, moving forward through generations. We need to be trained not to think at all and to truly be conditioned into knowing our minds have no value:

    Of course, the bois will only be told of this "Special" Ingredient in their food at the end of camp so as not to color their perceptions by preconceived biases they may have against swallowing other Boyz sperm.

    The Nurses and Doctors will also fit each sissywhiteboi with a Chastity Device and a Butt Plug that they will be required to wear both day and night during the week-end training camps. They will be encouraged to practice at home and their parents will be instructed to check each night to make sure the Butt Plug is locked in for the night with a Chastity Device.   

    The size of these Butt Plugs will be gradually increased until the little sissywhitebois are finally stretched out enough so that their tiny, little white asses have truly been transformed into "Pussies" and so that they will be adequately prepared for the next phase of their training where they will attend summer camps with groups of young Black Boyz.   

     The summer camps, of course, will serve the purpose of testing and confirming the depth of the feminine proclivities of whitebois in order to identify those who will be selected to enroll in more advanced "Special" training programs.

   In not time, we have them dressed en femme, physically restrained and prepared to begin learning how to suck cock and to have their nice, tight little boi-pussies fucked.....at first with Dildos and Butt Plugs....and.… eventually with THE REAL THING.....BIG BLACK COCKS.....We have encountered several bois who initially objected, resisted and tried to deny their effeminate desires.....However, we have never, ever had a single boi, who once he/she was fucked in her nice, tight little boi-pussy was ever able or ever wanted to return to her former fake-male role. In every single case, once a little white sissyboi has been seduced, fucked and has learned the JOYS of playing the female role, they are hooked on cock for life. There is no turning back.   

     While individual efforts like mine and others to help young bois realize their True Gender Identity will help dozens of young sissybois down "THE PATH" of sexual fulfillment.....our efforts really need to be "Institutionalized". That is why I have written a fairly lengthy description of why and how I would go about identifying, selecting, educating and training young bois to realize "THE PATH" that Mother Nature obviously intended for them when she genetically programmed them to have effeminate features and mannerisms......I clearly envision a future society where the role of Third Gender Sissy would become "Institutionalized" in much the same way as it currently is in Samoa.....

                Your sissy bitch pussy princess,
                            ms. karli kunt

​Black Boyz in the program will have control over their ejaculations, at least 1 hour between nuts, while receiving sexual pleasure from sissywhiteboibitches. Hardcore dick-sucking, butt-fucking and extreme sexual lust will be the daily order. Total white bitch boy domination! When he finally shoots off, he is sure to deliver copious amounts of thick, creamy, potent, virile Male Sperm ORALLY for the bitch to swallow AND then ANALLY, the glorious creampie, but not necessarily in that order.   

    Educational material will be enhanced by practical applications and reinforced by Medical Experts. For example, Nutrionists will secretly "enrich" the foods served at the week-end camps, (such as Milkshakes, Popcicles, Pancakes, Orange Juice, Oatmeal, Gravy for Mashed Potatoes, et. al.) with liberal doses of the thick, creamy, sweet, yummy tasting sperm of Black Boyz so that these sissywhitebois can experience just how healthy, nutritious and yummy it is to consume Real Men's Sperm.

   Nurses and doctors will measure and photograph each sissywhitebois' penis so that it can be placed next to the pix of women who have a clitoris that is actually larger than their own and next to the pix of the enormous and gigantic Cocks of Black Men. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and in this case, the little sissies will instantly see they have much more in common with females than males.

    The comparison of their own with Big Black Anacondas will cause them to instantly realize they can never compete, nor can they ever function as a Real Man. In a form of "tough love", these little sissies will be forced to confront, acknowledge, accept and ultimately to embrace their "sexual inferiority" as males, so that they can begin to understand that they are genetically designed to play the role of a female in sexual relationships. 

     Nurses and doctors will explain the scientific and biological basis for why Mother Nature creates this Third Gender Sissy physical form. The sissywhitebois will see pictures of happy, well-adjusted, beautiful and sexually attractive adult sissies with large, luscious Breasts, Wide Hips, Narrow Waists, Plump Feminine Asses that form the "New Model" silhouette for Third Gender Sissies.

   Just imagine thousands, perhaps millions, of white boys who look just like the most beautiful Tranny Gurlz with Big Breasts, Sensitive Nipples, Wide Hips, Narrow Waists, Broad, Well-Rounded Feminine Asses who demonstrate the "NEW IDEAL" physical form for sissy whitebois


     In terms of thoughts and ideas. The white man has had the opportunity throughout history to think and reform life and it has been a dismal failure. In a sense, it will be a relief for sissies to no longer have to think nor to have choices and to have these things now be decided and mused upon by the superior black man. If we, as white boy sissy bimbos are to be as slutty, superficial and dumb as we naturally are to survive in the New World Order, we white boys must be forbidden to learn or to read in the future and taught nothing of intellectual substance. Just philosophy (of the new world order, and our place in it) and the way of the sissy are the only educational programs. 

     In school, the black man must be taught science and politics, and the white boy must be taught make-up, nail-painting etc. Eventually, us sissy gurls won’t even know how to speak but only to communicate in a series of giggles, and coos. We will know words and phrases to show appreciation, but ultimately our mouths will be used to provide physical pleasure and to moan as passionately and as high-pitched as possible when our holes are being penetrated.

Through understanding we will not just be sissies…we will be bimbos. Simply Barbies.

    A kind of gurl that doesn’t think about politics or philosophy or anything of intellectual substance- rather the superficial…how to look our cutest and most appealing and sexual…how best to please our black masters. 

        As such we shouldn’t have access to books, newspapers or any mind expanding material of the sort. Not only should our minds be deprived of intellectual stimulation but they should be starved of it. Our interests, hobbies and the likes should be stripped from us and be forced to watch hours of trashy TV and read through shallow magazines. Being properly brainwashed into having no opinions on anything because our opinions are irrelevant.

  Most young Black Boyz will love the fact that they do not have to wear condoms to fuck certain sissywhitebois and will begin eagerly looking forward with great anticipation to attending summer camp, where they will be able to meet, interact and socialize with the sissywhitebois in this program.  

     Once the initial week-end training programs have been completed, the sissywhitebois will be assigned to attend several weeks of summer camps in remote wilderness areas where they will be teamed up with Black Boyz who have gone through the "Sensitivity Training".
    These of Black Boyz and sissywhitebois will swim naked in the mountain lake, as well as hike, play and eat scantily clad so that the sissywhitebois' chastised penis will be obvious and the sissywhitebois will have plenty of opportunities to ogle, stare, admire and serve Black Boyz Gigantic Cocks.   

     Needless to say, once those little whitebois begin touching, fondling, washing and playing with those Big Black Cocks, it will be difficult, but necessary, for the adult supervisors to prevent them from following their natural desires to suck and be fucked by them.....necessary because the sissywhitebois are not quite ready, at this point, to consummate their most secret and taboo fantasies.   

     After The Black Boyz have left for their bedtime, the little sissywhitebois will learn how to lather up and thoroughly clean their little boi-pussies, including how to give themselves an enema and how to carefully fill their little pussies with lots of KY Jelly so they are moist, damp and sopping wet when they toddle off to bed.   

    Of course, the Black boys and sissy-whtie-boys will sleep together in the same tents and/or cabins. In their tents and cabins, the natural sexual instincts, desires, dreams and taboo fantasies created by Mother Nature will work their Mystical Magic and will reveal the depth of the feminine desires residing in each of the sissy-white-boys. 

    As a Night Time Snack, The nurses and doctors will enhance their natural tendencies by giving them a special  supplement of tasty chocolate brownies laced with carefully controlled doses of Medical Marijuana and mood enhancing drugs, like Poppers,  to relax them and to remove whatever inhibitions they may still have.

    Obviously, The sissywhitebois will be unable to resist their natural and normal attraction to BLACK COCKS and there will be no adult supervision to prevent them from following their natural sexual desires. 

   Surrounded by multiple Big Black Anacondas in such an isolated, remote wilderness location, these sissywhitebois will suddenly be able to live out their most secret, deep-seated and formerly taboo fantasies, sexual desires and dreams in a guilt-free, supportive and enabling environment. Dizzy and Dazed from the "Medical" Supplements they have consumed, they will be unable to resist their perfectly  natural and normal programmed instincts to reach out to touch, fondle and play with those Big Black Snakes.   

      Instinctively, they will kiss, lick, suck and worship those Gorgeous Big Mushroom-Shaped Black Cock-Heads. The "Poppers" will relax and loosen up their muscles, providing an effective enhancement to their Dildo Training by fully dilating their nice, tight, white little boi-pussies which will tingle, pulsate, gape open and QUIVER WITH LUST in anticipation of receiving the GIFT of Black Cocks driving them to intense, internal, whole body, female-type anal orgasms (sissygasms). The sensuous sexual sensations will be overwhelming.   

     Moreover, after months of chastity, the whitebois devices will be removed for the first time so that their swollen little ball sacs will facilitate the probability they will experience an involuntary, hands-free sexual discharge when the energetic, thick, long eager cocks of the Black Boys begin penetrating, probing, poking and stroking in and out of their sopping wet little boi-pussies and soft, velvety pink mouths.
   The sissywhitebois will experience such extreme sexual pleasure that they will whimper, moan, squeal, scream and cry-out with the overwhelming erotic sensations of total sexual submission. They will experience warm feelings of sexual accomplishment as each Black Boy reaches that Magical Moment where he begins spraying his thick, slippery, sticky, hot, creamy Male Nectar way deep up inside their pulsating pussies and warm, moist mouths.   

     This will cause them to experience the overwhelming ecstasy of an involuntary sissygasm as they uncontrollably squirting, spraying and shooting off from the pressure of those Big Black Cocks pounding their sensitive boi-pussies. Simultaneously, their hot little boi-pussies will quickly be filled to overflowing and the Black Boyz potent, virile, sperm will begin oozing, leaking, dripping and dribbling out of their well-fucked little sissy cunts down onto their ball sacs and creamy white thighs.  
   Their soft, velvety mouths will be filled with yummy, male, sweet cream and will begin dribbling down over their ruby red lips and chins. 

    For all the sissywhitebois, their "Performance Anxiety" and "Fear of Failure", will be replaced by magnificent feelings of sexual success as they experience for the first time the AMAZING JOY of bringing their sexual partners to a climax where they can taste and feel the hot, wet, slippery, sweet, creamy reward of their sexual efforts. 

    Once these sissywhitebois have experienced the Mind - Blowing, overwhelming erotic sensations of multiple Anal Orgasms (sissygasms), THERE WILL BE NO TURNING BACK !!!....and they will be permanently launched down the "PATH" of total and complete sissification and feminization. 

   Not surprisingly, the sexual handicaps of these pathetic little whitebois force even the most faithful wife to eventually succumb to infidelity, especially if she inadvertently finds herself in close contact with a Powerful, Masculine Black Male. Sooner or later, the wife's natural, healthy need for sexual fulfillment will inevitably lead her to violate her marriage vows with the resulting guilt, shame, embarrassment and loss of self-esteem.   

     There are many documented instances where a chaste, christian, sweet, innocent, little white wife was just unable to control herself when confronted with a Big Black Cock. Quite naturally, her pussy became sopping wet, her judgement became clouded and she became temporarily "INSANE WITH LUST" so powerful that she could not be held responsible for her actions. As an example, there are documented instances where a white wife met her little hubby and one of his Black Colleagues after work for a drink or two. As a courtesy to her husband, she agreed to dance with the Black Colleague.
  This poor, innocent, christian wife was then mesmerized, hypnotized and seduced on a public dance floor, right in front of her sexually handicapped little hubby, simply by feeling the Massive, Big Black Cock of her masculine dance partner straining against his pants and pressing against the white wife's tummy and/or tits in such an irresistibly seductive way as he pulled her tightly against his forbidden fruit as they swayed back and forth with the tempo of the music and created a red hot friction as they rubbed against each other.    

     The sheer massive size of that throbbing monster sparked her curiosity and ignited her passions to such a red hot point that she became sexually crazed like a Bitch-In-Heat. She felt like she was melting as her pussy became sopping wet and she had a compulsive/obsessive desire to see, touch and feel what was straining, stretching and throbbing so violently inside her Black Dance Partner's pants

    Unable to resist her "Natural" impulses, the white wife couldn't resist letting her hand brush against that huge Bulge, nor could she resist letting her fingers ever so slightly play over the enormous tent in her Black Partner's pants created by that Big Mushroom-Shaped Black Cock-Head throbbing, pulsating and gyrating so sensuously that she felt compelled to grasp it and to stroke it right through his pants. 

   Early Detection of effeminate characteristics in sissywhitebois could avoid all of the heartaches, ruined marriages, guilt, shame and sexual failure that characterizes so many sissywhitebois' marriages today. However, it is critical for society to develop a Governmental Early Detection Program in order to successfully transition, transform and train them to become happy, well-adjusted, sexually successful sissies who can serve in THE NEW ORDER.

   The earlier a sissywhiteboi is identified, the more likely she can be transformed into a happy, well-adjusted femme "Pussy Princess". Scientific studies have demonstrated that bois who have been identified and started on Feminine Hormones by Age 9 will have the best chance of being psychologically, emotionally and sexually happy in their new female roles and personalities as adults.

    In spite of the fact that many people believe it is very difficult to successfully implement this type of transition for whitebois; it is really quite simple and easy. Most people would be AMAZED at how easily weak, wimpy whitebois can be transitioned, transformed and turned out as luscious little femme sissy cock-sucking, fuck-toois.....This is because this type of whiteboi is genetically and psychologically feminine at her core.....It simply takes someone to Liberate the prancing, mincing little sissy-gurl hiding deep down inside the subconscious of every single bitch made whiteboi. 


Government Sponsored 

Early Sissy Detection Program 

Faith, Patience, Integrity 

Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end...

​              Isaiah 9:7 KJV

   These bois will respond to a Real Man's cock just like a woman because they have been genetically programmed from birth to be Third Gender Sissies and just needed a little assistance from the Government sponsored clinics to become the woman they have always secretly dreamed of becoming.
   At a tender age, these very special little sissywhitebois will be enrolled in special work-study educational programs conducted on multiple weekends over a period of one year that are designed to promote racial tolerance, diversity and understanding as well as to test, develop and enhance the natural and normal femininity of these whitebois.



  Each sissy will be fitted with a full set of silky sissy panties, bras, breast-forms, corsets, teddies, dresses, mini-skirts, blouses, jewelry, black fishnet stockings, silky garter belts and high heel shoes that they will wear all week-end long during the training camps.
   The sissywhitebois will undergo a complete physical, emotional and mental evaluation to determine their suitability for being transformed into a Fa'afafine.

   Of course, after the first evening, there will no longer be any reason to have adult supervision of the nightly Group Showers, which will undoubtedly pave the way for an orgy of monumental proportions as the Black Boyz quite naturally will want to sample the charms of sissywhitebois from other tents.

    While the vast majority of sissywhitebois (probably 99.9%) will succumb to their feminine instincts and will submit to the sexual desires of their new Black Boyfriends, there may be the occasional whiteboi who rejects her femininity. Those who reject their natural feminine instincts will be sent to remedial training programs where they will be subjected to heavier and longer doses of Erotically Hypnotic Videos with subliminal messages and more forceful disciplinary methods of developing their femininity.  

     However, those whitebois who "Naturally" follow the "PATH" that Mother Nature designed for them will qualify to go onto a more ADVANCED form of training in "Specially" designed Academies.  
    Those sissywhitebois who successfully complete the summer camp diversity programs will be selected for Advanced training at "Sissy Training Academies" where they will receive psychological counseling, extensive therapy sessions involving subliminal messages, and erotic hypnosis delivered through Sissy Training Videos. 

    The Federal Government through Obamacare will pay for the medical procedures and the Feminizing Estrogen Hormones that will transform them into sexy, beautiful and attractive replicas of the "New Model" sissy silhouette.

  Prior to their transformation, each little white sissyboi will be systematically "Milked" over several weeks and their sissy juices will be frozen so they can be eventually implanted through artificial insemination into white women with a history of delivering sissywhitebois. 


 This will insure there will be a continual supply of new sissywhitebois to serve, worship and obey Black Men in future generations. With careful scientific selection and breeding, society should be able to create within one or two generations a new genre of sissybois.

   Moreover, doctors will teach them that when Mother Nature gives a whiteboi a tiny penis that she over-compensates by providing the boi with a well-rounded, plump, plush ass that is actually designed by Mother Nature to be transformed and trained to function like the "pussy" of a genetic female. The sissywhtiebois will watch video-clips demonstrating how butt plugs and dildos can be used to gradually open up, stretch and prepare a sissies little boi-pussy to function just like a genetic girl's Pussy.   

     Educational material will be enhanced by practical applications and reinforced by Medical Experts. For example, Nutritonists will secretly "enrich" the foods served at the week-end camps, (such as Milkshakes, Popcicles, Pancakes, Orange Juice, Oatmeal, Gravy for Mashed Potatoes, et. al.) with liberal doses of the thick, creamy, sweet, yummy tasting sperm of Black Boyz so that these sissywhitebois can experience just how healthy, nutritious and yummy it is to consume Real Men's Sperm.
    The weekend racial diversity programs will be designed to promote greater social interaction between sissywhitebois and young, energetic, masculine Black Boyz. These programs will begin with educational sessions and then progress to real life interactions such as arranging interracial day camps, pairing a Black Boy mentor with a sissywhiteboi and finally by sending sissywhitebois off to summer camps where they will spend several weeks in remote, wilderness locations (like Boy Scout Camps) where each sissywhtieboi will be assigned to sleep in a tent or cabin with a young Alpha Black male.   

    Prior to the summer camps, both whitebois and Black Boyz will receive extensive education and knowledge to prepare them to succeed in this new environment. The little sissywhitebois will be sent to overnight week-end camps where Coaches, Counselors, Teachers, Nurses, Nutritionists and Doctors will be assigned to teach sissywhitebois to take pride in their feminine traits and to become comfortable with the fact that Mother Nature has genetically programmed them to play a "special" role in our culture.   

     Sissywhitebois will watch the National Geographic videos showing how certain bois, who are known as Fa'afafine in Samoan Culture, are selected at an early age to live with a couple where they will be trained to help the wife perform the roles of a female in Samoan households, including helping out with both household chores and with providing sexual satisfaction to the husband. 

     They will see the happiness and contentment of bois who live the life of the Fa'afafine in Samoan Culture and will be introduced in a very positive way to the concept of what it means to become a highly admired, desired and respected Third Gender Sissy.   

    They will learn that, just as it was a great honor to be selected as a Fa'afafine in Samoan society; and,  just as it was a great honor for young girls in Japan to be selected as Geisha Girls; and just as it was a great honor for young Greek Bois to be selected to serve great philosophers like Aristotle and Plato; it is an equally great honor for young whitebois to be selected to become Third Gender Sissies.
   Moreover, the government will pay for  electrolysis to eliminate any signs of body hair so that their hormone enriched skin will look and feel as smooth as a genetic girl. Their little white bodies will be molded through plastic surgery and by dropping hormone pills into their orange juice and oatmeal in order to help them emulate the curvy wide feminine hips, big breasts, narrow waists and well-rounded Big Phat Phemme Asses of the female gender so that they will make perfect little "Breeding Bitches" for Black Men in THE NEW ORDER......   

      A Black Domme Mentor will be assigned to each little sissywhitebois to teach her how to walk, talk, laugh, giggle, gesture and move just like a genetic girl. A submissive white genetic girl will also be assigned to teach the sissybois all the little "tricks" of how to sexually arouse, excite and please a Big Black Bull.   
      With a little training and guidance, these wimpy bitchbois will quickly begin to dress, walk, talk and act just like the feminine personalities that they secretly and so desperately want to emulate.....and.....everyone will be totally surprised at just how easy, simple and quick it will be to transform these bois into limp-wristed, ass-wiggling, lisping, little Princess Prom Queens.
........ The Government will obviously change the laws so that after graduating from the "Sissy Training Academy", these sissywhitebois can be "OWNED" Dominant Couples and Black Bulls so that they can live productive and fulfilling lives providing the sexual services for which they have been so skillfully and meticulously prepared to deliver. 

     Just out of curiosity, what do you think ?.....How many Couples, Black Men or Black Dommes will want a sexy, attractive, "passable", well-trained, surgically, medically and psychologically well prepared sissywhiteboi ???

    I think there will be a great demand for these little sissybois and I think it will be relatively easy to complete their training.   

    I am a huge advocate of identifying, educating, training, seducing and manipulating effeminate young virgin bois into experimenting with the forbidden and taboo feminine desires that reside deep in their subconscious and which they have secretly been wanting to explore, but lacked the fortitude to overcome their inhibitions and the negative attitudes from society.
    Over the last 20 years, I have used every opportunity to personally seduce, manipulate, encourage and trick young bois into exploring their feminine desires. My Black Domme and I have "Turned Out" literally dozens of youngbois.....We frequently entice young whitebois with the bait of getting to fuck my Black Domme.....but, when they are so tiny and have such a premature ejaculation that they are clearly unable to sexually satisfy a woman, we then subtly ply them with wine, marijuana, drugs like "Poppers" and other mood enhancers that allow us to help them realize that they were never designed physically, mentally nor emotionally to play the male role in sexual relationships. 

    Young Black Boyz who are elected in the program will receive their own carefully designed "sensitivity training" where they will be educated to understand the "Natural" and "Normal" feminine characteristics of these whitebois. Coaches, Counselors,Teachers, Nurses and Doctors will educate young Black Boyz about the "Special" Charms of sissywhitebois in order to remove any potential "Homophobic" biases the Black Boyz might have about feminized sissies.

   Doctors will explain that it is perfectly "Natural" and "Normal" for "Straight" Boyz to experiment by having sexual relations with weak, wimpy sissywhitebois. These Black Boyz will learn that while a sissywhitebois penis may look like a miniature size version of a Real Man's Cock .... it is NOT ..... and they will learn that it is designed to function exactly like a woman's clitoris, only in a slightly altered form... and of course, there are exceptions.  

      The Black Boyz will learn that a sissywhitebois ass is actually designed to function like a girl's pussy. Moreover, Black Boyz will see training videos demonstrating that when a Black Boy is fucking a sissywhtiebois' pussy it is perfectly acceptable to reach around front in order to rub her privates up and down and back and forth just like a girl's clitoris in order to enhance her sexual pleasure and bring her to BOTH a clitoral orgasm and a vaginal anal orgasm (sissygasm).   

     MOST IMPORTANTLY, the Black Boyz will learn that there is absolutely nothing "Gay nor "Queer" about playing with a sissywhiteboi because there is nothing masculine about these bois.    

      The Black Boyz will learn that these tiny little whitebois have been genetically programmed by Mother Nature to simply be another version, in some ways an improved version, of the female species. The Black Boyz will also be shown videos of the real world role played by the Fa'afafine in Samoa, where Samoan Culture frowns upon homosexuality, but readily accepts and promotes sexual relationships between straight Men and little bois who have been selected to be trained, dressed and identified as females or as Samoan Society calls them: Fa'afafine.

   As a result, the Black Boyz will learn it is okay for straight Boyz to touch, fondle and play with a

sissywhiteboi's privates just the same way they would play with a genetic girl's clitoris even if that includes licking and sucking it just like a male would orally pleasure a genetic girl's clitoris and pussy. Moreover, they will learn that it is safer to have sexual relations with sissywhitebois because they can't get pregnant. 

     In fact, these Black Boyz will be encouraged to have sex with sissywhitebois in order to help reduce the rate of teen pregnancies. They will learn that in Samoa, many Boyz first sexual experience is with a Fa'afafine.  Moreover, they will learn that it is okay to fuck a sissywhiteboi raw and to deposit copious loads of their hot, creamy, virile, potent sperm way deep up inside her pretty pink boi pussy

   There are enormous benefits to creating a process for Early Detection of effeminate characteristics in sissy ready whitebois. Without this process, many whitebois are doomed to a life filled with sexual frustrations, erotic failures, heartaches, disappointments and unfulfilled sexual needs. Moreover, the poor, sweet, innocent (usually virgin) girls they marry will become even more sexually frustrated, depressed and disappointed by the inability of the boy they married to perform his role as a husband.
  It is no wonder that so many sweet, innocent, virgin brides of sissywhitebois are currently taking mood altering drugs like Valium or Prozac to treat their disappointment and depression. It is so sad because this creates such heart-breaking scenarios for everyone involved, usually leading to messy divorces, and all of it could be avoided so easily.
   The whitebois' problems all start with a diminutive, testosterone-starved, smaller size ball sacs, wide breeding hips, big, puffy, sensitive nipples and titties and a shy, submissive demeanor, combined with a slim, effeminate body and feminine mannerisms. These are the ingredients that virtually guarantee that a tiny, weak, wimpy little sissywhiteboi will inevitably be unable to sexually satisfy his/her wife and that the marriage will become a barren, unmitigated disaster.
   Bois with smaller genitals usually have such extreme cases of premature ejaculation that they are total and complete failures at playing the male role in sexual relationships. In most cases, their tiny pistols shoot off within just a few short strokes, having provided very little friction, minimal penetration and no real sexual  pleasure at all to their hapless wives.... or ..... even more frequently, there is no penetration at all as they spray their clear, liquid sissy juices on the girl's bush before even entering her which tragically leaves her eager, sopping wet, pulsating pussy totally needy and frustrated. Their little genitals are ill-prepared and are totally unable to bring their wives to an Orgasm from penetration ..... or .... in extreme cases, they are too tiny to even break the Hymen and consummate the marriage.  
    Moreover, these sissywhitebois frequently develop such a debilitating "Fear of Failure" and suffer from such extreme forms of "Performance Anxiety" that they become limp, soft and totally impotent which causes a psychological form of "virtual castration" that can only be addressed through deep-seated and extensive Psycho-therapy, which is rarely successful.
   Unable to believe what she felt, she shamelessly walked right off the dance floor and followed her Black Partner to a motel room or to the backseat of his car or in some instances into the parking lot where he fucked her right on the hood of a car while the shocked and wimpy little white sissy hubby watched in total disbelief at how his wife was acting just like a slutty little white whore. In this type of situation, it is difficult for a sissycuck hubby to avoid being judgmental in such a way as to make his sweet, innocent little white wife feel ashamed, guilty and embarrassed. 

     However, no white wife can (nor should she) be blamed for seeking sexual satisfaction from Real Men when she discovers she has inadvertently married a femme sissyboi ...... and ..... you can't really blame the sissyboi because white bois are ONLY capable of becoming feminized, little sissy fuck-toys for Real Men, especially Black Men.

    The blame really lies with society and the government for not creating a program to identify and help these sissywhitebois realize, acknowledge, accept and embrace the FACT that a bitch made sissywhiteboi really has no choice but to learn the female's role in sexual relationships. Fortunately, it is a role for which Mother Nature has genetically programmed them and physically equipped them to easily master. 

    Moreover, it is a role that can enhance everyone's pursuit of happiness by resolving several marital problems and by reducing teen pregnancies. As a result the government and society should institutionalize this role in such a way that sissy-white-boys are given the respect, admiration and honor that they so justly deserve.
   However, the first step is Detection,followed by Education, Practical Application, and Advanced Training. The Government needs to set up free clinics under Obamacare that will identify, classify and treat little sissywhitebois. All whitebois should be subject to a governmentally approved Public Health Screening between the Ages of 6 to 8 where they are stripped naked, measured, penetrated to check their prostrate and observed sucking on a chocolate lollipop.   

    Those bois who obviously do not measure up ..... or ..... who respond positively to having their boi-pussy penetrated by pushing back or moaning and whimpering or who exhibit genuine skill and passion for sucking, licking and orally consuming the chocolate lollipop knob....... should be selected for the next Stage of the transformation process. 
    Society should ceremonialize their selection with a grand party, like a Bar Mitzvah or in this case, a Bat Mitzvah, so that these little bois and their parents will understand just how special they are and will feel justifiably proud of the great honor that has been bestowed upon them.

   The sissywhitebois will learn that there is a "Natural" and "Normal" attraction between Black Men and sissywhitebois. Nurses and Doctors will explain that it is quite "Natural" and "Normal" for them to be mesmerized, captivated and magnetically attracted to the Powerful, Big, Beautiful Cocks of Real Men, especially Black Men and Black Boyz. 

    These sissywhtiebois will be hooked up to electronic monitoring devices that will measure their eye movements, brain waves, heartbeat, blood pressure and other physical reactions as they are shown pictures of Beautiful Big Black Cocks. This scientific data will simply confirm how strongly sissywhitebois are aroused by viewing Big Black Cocks. 
    This data can be used to help provide them with counseling designed to diminish and eliminate any potential guilt, shame and/or embarrassment they might feel by helping them to realize that they were "Born This Way" ..... and .... this counseling will make it easier for them to acknowledge, accept and embrace their quite "Natural" and "Normal" response to Black Cocks. In Nature, they will learn that opposites attract and when sissywhiteboi see the comparison between Black Cocks and their own, they will begin to understand why they have such an irresistible "Natural" urge to reach out so they can fondle and play with those Big Black Cocks. They will watch video-clips showing how "Natural" and "Normal" it is for sissywhitebois to want to touch, fondle, kiss, suck and worship Big Black Cocks.    

     Also, nutritionists can diminish and eliminate any squeamishness they may have about tasting and/or swallowing male cum by teaching them about the AMAZING nutritional values of potent, virile Real Men's sperm. They will be informed of sperm's mood enhancing ability to make a sissy feel happier, healthier, more secure, more safe, more loved and more feminine. They will be taught that sperm is like a highly enriched multiple vitamin that should be taken several times each day, preferably in the morning, after every meal and at night before going to bed.